Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My love of knitting

Knitting holds such power in its fibrous grasp. The person who gets tangled will likely never be loosed. Why do I find knitting so beautiful? I love creating something wonderful that did not previously exist. I love knowing that I can make both beautiful and practical things for those I love and that it is actually a skill to be able to do this. I love knowing that by knitting I am connecting with women (and men, children, cats) who have from ancient times performed this out of necessity and/or desire. Something that has persisted so long will not likely disappear anytime soon. As I can pass on knowledge of life so also can I pass on this skill and the heirlooms that can appear because of it. On a less serious note, my husband and cat also love my knitting. My husband gets all sorts of goodies and my cat gets to try to mess those goodies up as they're innocently begining their lives on my needles. For all these reasons and more, I love knitting.


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