Friday, February 17, 2006

Hi! It's taking me a while to get this blog going considering the amount of time the Olympics are consuming. I am almost half way through and am on-schedule to finish on time. The front of the poncho is a few rows away from completion and then I only have the duplicate back, cuffs and collar to finish. Woohoo! Such fun, such challenge! As soon as I get home I'll have my husband take a pic of it and I'll post it for all to see. Yay, my first picture. (Notice I don't even have a picture of myself up...of course, that's because I don't want to scare away all of my visitors...wait, I don't have any yet! :-) All in due time... Well, off to work again. Soon I'll be home and stitching away with the bitter cold outside and the cozy warm inside...cup of hot cocoa nearby...log in the fireplace...husband watching TV in the rocking chair with Knuckles (our beautiful, full-of-attitude cat) curled up on his lap...watching the Olympics. Yay for the wonders of domestic life!


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