Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I found a pair of socks that are so beautiful! The design is great and the knitting is superb. Sandra from Germany knits these socks which are from Alice Starmore's Celtic Collection. They have an intricate cable design running up the back of the heel and cuff and are a deep green color. Browse around Sandra's site. She has a sweater on there from the same book of patterns which is just gorgeous (and a bunch of very cute llamas and alpacas). I am inspired to buy Starmore's book and try out some of her patterns. I went to her website, Virtual Yarns, and browsed around. Her designs are beautiful but a little more than I can afford right now. I looked at ebay and Amazon for some of her books and they were all upward of $100, some more than $1000. My sister-in-law said that she posted a request on the internet (not sure where) with the book she wanted and the amount she was willing to pay for it and had to wait a few months but finally got a reply and paid around $50 for the book. I might have to try that. Until then, I'll be admiring other knitters' wonderful expressions of these patterns.


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