Thursday, February 23, 2006


I am going to start posting a thought of the day, word of the day, and verse of the day. This may be a bit ambitious but we'll see. If I find anything suitable tonight I'll post it a little later. Otherwise, you may have to wait until tomorrow. I am a bit harried by the pace I need to adopt tonight to finish my Knitting Olympics poncho in time. I am about 3/4 of the way done and I should be more around 7/8 done by now. Oh well. Sometimes Olympic athletes have to push themselves to the limits, right? I guess tonight will be one of those nights for me. I'll let you know tomorrow if I landed with good form or if my face got it good. Of course, with the shape my face has been in lately it might be helpful to fall on it once or twice. Detract from the pores, you know...
My husband just walked in and walked back out after poking and prodding me a bit (he gets his daily ration of exercise and entertainment out of this kind of behaviour). On the way out I noticed he pants falling off his butt. While in writing this may not be attractive it actually signifies something he is very happy about - losing weight. Not that he was obscene anyway but you know how those male egos can be: a few extra pounds and they can't think straight (shhh...don't tell him I said that...he doesn't think he has any vanity about him. If that were true, though, I think he wouldn't wear cologne or a clean shirt to go have coffee with the guys.)
Back to knitting relevant material. I was thinking about selling a few items I make from my blog. I don't know if that's against the rules of blogging so if you happen to know the answer feel free to let me know. I made my husband a Komi hat with an intricate colorwork pattern and he really likes it. It is very soft, being made from DK Cashsoft from Alice, LYS owner of Tangles Knitting Studio in Lake Oswego (you should travel far and wide to get to this shop - very warm and welcoming and the yarn selection is great!), and is very warm being double thickness. I think I'll just stick it out there as an idea for now and once I find my camera cord I will post a pic so you can let me know what you think about its sell-worthiness.


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