Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ken & Julie's Wedding Pictures!

We finally get to see pictures of Julie's wedding! Isn't she beautiful? I might add that her groom is not too bad. (Ken, if you are reading this, "not too bad" should be read as "striking".) This picture was taken before the wedding.
The picture below was taken during the ceremony (no one likes anything more than stating the obvious, right?!)
Below they are giving us an idea of how they will be feeding each other in old age. I can just see it now:
Come on, honey, hold still...I can't quite get that piece in...See, now it's all over your face...Oh, now it's on my face too...well, guess it's going to have to stay there...neither one of us can bend over to reach that's ok, we'll get it off tomorrow in our bath...
Below you can see friends of the bride and groom. However, the pic below portrays more than just how well they can pick their friends. Yes, it is true...this picture documents beyond any shadow of a doubt that the man with whom I chose to live my life is not quite "all there", if you know what I mean...yes, he is the one in the yellow and black fleece. I am the one smiling knowingly next to him. Let me just assure you that I have approximately 3 pictures of him out of our 7+ years together in which he is not making some strange face...yes, our children will be interesting, that's for sure. Here is another friend, Micky, with daughter Claire who is 5 (?) months old. Isn't she adorable? Kids like these are what cause my slowly ticking clock to speed up a bit...
So there you are. Pics of the great couple and their (of course) great friends. Tune in tomorrow for more interesting news from the world of Mrs BJ (ooh, ooh, that's me!).


At 3/08/2006 8:40 PM , Anonymous melody said...

I LOVE IT!!!! (more later)

At 3/09/2006 12:18 PM , Anonymous melody said...

I'm soooooo happy!!!! It's snowing AND I don't have school!!! At first there was just gonna be a 2 hr late opening, but then it changed and so now I'm @ home havin fun. I'm about 2 call up some frinds and we're gonna go 2 sharis and eat...mmmm....this week has been amazing. I've only been to 1 1/2 classes so far lol b/c i was sick on mon and i had the blood drive thingie on tues and then i was sick again on wed and today we got a snow day. i have so much homework so this is totally awesome. and on the news it said that its not getting better today, it's definately gonna get worse and the level for sticking (and piling) snow will drop all the way to the vallley floor and go over night. SO I MIGHT NOT EVEN HAVE SCHOOL 2MORROW EITHER!!!!! THEN WE CAN HANG OUT!!!!!! wow, good times. anyways, I'm about 2 call u @ work, so ttyl
Ps: Julie looks so beautiful and same with Ken, except not beautiful, gentlemanly/studly. Were these ur pics or theirs?

At 3/09/2006 2:40 PM , Blogger Mrs BJ said...

Woo! Snow! Melody, the pictures were ones that Julie's cousin took. Julie and Ken just got the pictures back that the photographer took so maybe I'll have more pictures to show soon!


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