Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Welcome to My World!

Here is a picture of my husband, BJ, and kitty, Knuckles. BJ is probably watching his favorite show of all time (lately), Stargate SG1. As you can see, our kitty appears to be a lap kitty. The truth is he is only half that. This cat is highly affectionate while at the same time being highly obnoxious. As I was communicating that fact my husband was playing with Knuckles and suddenly the cat jumped up and smashed his head on the corner of a table nearby. This leads me to my next point. Knuckles likes to jump (often at things that he "sees" but we don't. That could mean either he is a higher sort of sentient being (bleedover from too much Stargate) or he's insane. We lean toward the latter.

This is yours truly and the crazy kitty posing for a picture for Daddy. You can see that he is not leaning toward the highly affectionate side of his personality at this point. In fact, I think I distinctly felt "Are you done now?" vaguely communicated to my brain from his general direction. Hmm...a kitty higher being? Maybe...Actually, he did insist on my getting up this morning while I was trying very hard to ignore my alarm clock. It's hard to continue stealing sleep when your cat sits at the bedroom door staring at you and meowing at the top of his lungs. I knew it wasn't hunger that he was trying to communicate because if that were the case he would have bitten my leg (yes, that would be the obnoxious side).
Below you can see my handsome hubby with his feet kicked up but no kitty in sight. You do, however, see the hat I knitted for him resting there on the ottoman. I have a close-up of that somewhere down below. In addition, those store-bought socks will soon be replaced by homemade knitted socks. The first pair will be boot socks made from WoolEase. They will be maroon and navy blue and white stripes on the cuff. This will match a sweater I am in the process of making for him. It was started before our wedding but yeah, sometimes people gain weight after they get married so...I need to knit strips to add to the inside seam between front and back. Then it will FINALLY be done. The golf club cover in progress (working on it right now) are the same colors with an argyle pattern on the head.

Another picture of husband and kitty...

and one of kitty alone being very cute.
(Do you notice the glowing eyes too?)


At 3/01/2006 10:58 PM , Anonymous melody said...

ok, so I come here thinking I'll see another fun, charming, little blog by my big sister(which I do), but all of a sudden I'm bombarded with these PICTURES!!! And I FREAKED OUT because you've actually done it!! You've actually got some pictures up FINALLY!!! and they're cute too!! So, you know, I read it all and kept saying, "AWWWWW!!! LOOK AT KNUCKLES!!!! LOOK AT HOW HE WANTS TO KILL HIS MOMMY AND DADDY FOR TAKING HIS PICTURE!!! AWWWWW!!!" And then Dad got all annoyed and told me to shut up because he was trying to watch some TV show about a psychotic, he/she scientist (which I'm SO sure was more interesting than my out burst)...but regardless, I had to be quiet (so unusual for me lol) and so I here I am...leaving my sis a comment. You'll probably read this tomorrow when you're at work, so I hope you're having fun!! Make a little noise for me if you can b/c I'm about to get the hook up with BRENDAN!!!!

At 3/02/2006 11:47 AM , Blogger Mrs BJ said...

Oh, I'm making noise for you! And FYI, I laughed my head off imagining you hollaring and dad bellowing. Highly entertaining!

At 3/03/2006 11:26 AM , Blogger EvaLux said...

Hello... I wandered over from the Townies Sock Yahoo group to admire your pictures :) But I like the little conversation going on in the comments too hahahahaha.
About your pretty kittykat... you do know that cats naturally produce LSD in their brains and when they produce too much they get a bout of "madness" don't ya?? At least that's what my friend, who's got 5 cats told me when I was staying with her last year. I don't have pets so when one her cats started racing around the house like possessed it would freak me out. She told me it is normal... it is the LSD!!! So next time it happens just say "groovy man!" LOL.

Cheers Eva


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