Sunday, February 26, 2006

Finished Knitting Olympics Project?! No way!

Well, I'm back! The wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom will be on their way to their honeymoon tomorrow. Today is gift-opening day. I think it's a great idea that our society helps out newly married couples by buying them necessary items for their household that most would not normally be able to buy up front due to the finances of just starting out. I know it helped my husband and me greatly to receive the gifts we did. I still think of the gift-giver gratefully whenever I use an item that we received as a wedding gift (aren't those Kitchenaid mixers nice?!).
Anyway, on to knitting. I did NOT finish my Cream Colored Cable Poncho for my aunt before the torch was extinguished. (My excuse is the wedding.) I finished both front and back but have yet to seam them together and add collar, cuffs and fringe. I should probably get to that now. My husband and I have a dinner tonight with her and I'd like to have it done by then (secondary deadline!).
I'll try to post more later on tonight. Until then, happy knitting. Did you finish your project by the extinguishing of the flame? I'd love to hear what you made!


At 2/28/2006 7:11 PM , Anonymous melody said...

hey, girl. so did u get the poncho done by 2day??? i wanna c it so bad now.
oh, and thnx 4 tutoring me on the math yesterday(ugh, have i told u I HATE math??)But it was helpful...even tho i didnt go 2 school 2day again. I have to make up 2 tests 2morrow when i go (I'm forcing myself to no matter if im still sick or not). So wish me luck with the math test and stuff.
Anyways, I'll talk to you later, chica!!

At 3/01/2006 8:37 AM , Blogger Mrs BJ said...

Hi sweetie. No, I didn't finish it yet. The collar was completed last night and now I'm working on one of the cuffs. I have it here at work with me to work on during break. I forgot to look at your hat when I was over there the other night. We'll have to exchange knits soon! Good luck with the tests! I'll be praying for you. Love, your sis!


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