Monday, March 06, 2006

My Komi Hat in Progress

Here is the beginning of my Komi hat. I actually did a lot more last night while hubby and I were at his parents house for dinner and to do laundry (we don't yet have a washer and dryer in our new house...very inconvenient but then it does provide time with the families so it works out anyway.) I'll try to replace this picture with one of the more completed hat later on tonight. Hopefully I can also get the poncho pictures up. I have almost finished one cuff and have the second cuff and the fringe to go and then I will be DONE! My Aunt keeps getting more and more excited about it and I think to top it off for her I'll make a hat and mittens and socks to match. She says she thinks she will like it so much that she may just live in it! Well, that's ok with me...that could be considered proper recognition of the labor and love put in the gift!


At 3/06/2006 7:37 PM , Anonymous melody said...

that's such a cute hat...if I was all pro @ knitting like u, I'd make one of those, but since I'm just a beginner and I suck, I'll finish the one I'm on now. Ohhhh yeahhhhh...and an update on Brendan...He wasn't @ school on Friday so we couldn't makeout in the hall -(I'm just kidding, we're not even going out yet)- But it did suck that he wasn't there tho because I was gonna talk to him and stuff. My friends keep telling me to do it every single day in class, but I don't for some reason. They also keep making fun of me because of how I'm so blunt with all the other guys and I'm not shy at all, but then uh-oh here comes Brendan and I'm like stupid. I'm NOT even kidding. I mean, just the other day - I think it was Thursday - during AP studio, we were talking and stuff as I was getting out my paint, when suddenly I thought about something my friend said and I totally almost tripped over my chair. ha ha it was pretty funny...well, after the fact anyway. But he was like,"Um, are you ok?" I was like,"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine..." and then we kinda laughed and then he went to go get his stuff. And Olivia was sitting right there laughing and was like,"Wow, that was just about the most UN smooth thing I've seen in a while. C'mon lets see that again in slow motion." I was like,"Livie, you are such a whore. Shut up. You were the reason I almost fell on my face anyway. With that stupid image you put in my head yesterday..." And then we both cracked up and I literally fell off my chair at that point and Tim and Katie and everyone else did laugh at me. It was pretty entertaining. but as u can tell, I am RETARDED sometimes lol. But I'll be seeing him 2morrow!!!


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