Friday, March 03, 2006

My Kitty on LSD??!!

Hi. I was told a crazy theory which you may just think is true if you have a crazy cat like mine! Please read it and tell me what you think. Could this be true? It sounds like a grand idea someone made up but Eva says those who told her this "fact" claim its validity. My husband is doing "research" on this now (and I will post his highly academic results) but in the meantime I'd love to get your thoughts on this.

Eva wrote at 3/03/2006 11:26 AM in a comment to the post Welcome to My World:
"About your pretty kittykat... you do know that cats naturally produce LSD in their brains and when they produce too much they get a bout of "madness" don't ya?? At least that's what my friend, who's got 5 cats told me when I was staying with her last year. I don't have pets so when one her cats started racing around the house like possessed it would freak me out. She told me it is normal... it is the LSD!!!"

Could it possibly be true? Of course, my husband's follow-up theory is that if this is true people will soon start picking the brains of cats to get this LSD...hmmm...not a pretty thought.

Knuckles, oh kitty kitty, where are you....?


At 3/03/2006 9:23 PM , Blogger Catiya said...

Too funny! With your cat, yeah I think it just might be true. I am not convinced of the validity of this theory with all cats though.


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