Monday, March 06, 2006

Poncho Progress

This first frame is of the poncho I am currently working on and hope to have completed by Saturday. The second frame is the detail of the center cable pattern. I love the color and the pattern was very fun to work. This is actually a Mary Maxim kit my aunt bought. It came with needles, acrylic yarn and the pattern. If I were to have just made it from the pattern without the presupplied yarn I would have chosen a softer yarn like Cashsoft DK or one of the KnitPicks yarns. In this case, though, I had no choice and I think it will be ok anyway. The pattern turned out nice, the material seems like it will be warm, and with a little wash before I give it to her the stiffness should go away. I do admire the cable pattern so I think I will duplicate it on the hat and mittens I plan on making to accompany this. We'll see. Maybe I'll try this pattern out on something else and use my choice of yarn. Fun!

By the way, thank you Christine for your comment! I am so glad to know you enjoy reading my blog! Now I know I have at least two readers! Eva, my sister put a comment under the Komi Hat post regarding Brendan, her possible hook-up. The saga continues...

Have a great night everyone!


At 3/07/2006 9:41 AM , Blogger Jenni said...

I am a faithful reader, too. Thanks to Bloglines.

At 3/07/2006 2:24 PM , Anonymous Your Bro said...

Yeah...this is Gabe, just in case you are wondering, great sister of mine. you are "Mrs. BJ" huh? If I didn't know you and the know where thats going. The point of this comment is to tell you that you've inspired me to write an essay for my writing class...yes, its going to be on the blog phenomenom...and my opinion of it! (now after doing that, wouldn't it be funny if I posted the paper in a blog...just for the halibut(sp?)?) Yeah, anyway, have fun with Das Poncho!

PS: this comment isn't really about your poncho progress...if thats a problem (writing "out of thread" as true computer geeks call it) then sue me.

At 3/07/2006 2:29 PM , Anonymous your bro said...

Oh, by the way, here...check out my avatar...this is gabe again.

At 3/07/2006 3:09 PM , Anonymous melody said...

O puleez, Gabe, my avatar is much better than yours. you totally failed ha ha ha I'm just kidding. You only slightly fail.

Oh, and Ab, guess what? I gave blood today @ the school and I once again fainted (practically) same as last time. But I didn't care. All my friends were there giving blood also and laughing @ me and some of them were practically passing out too...But I thought I was over all that passing out stuff. Remember the first time we gave blood together? yeah...ha ha what a memorable experience. I just LOVE it when I get all pale and nasty and crap, don't you?? It's so attractive, I mean, who can resist me? lol eew.
But besides me almost fainting, it was pretty cool. I got out of practically all my classes. I was there for almost 3 hrs just hangin out with people and eating cookies. I'm actually supposed to be in English right now, but we have a sub and she's annoying so no one cares.
Well, I'll talk to you later, chica!!! LUV U!!!

At 3/08/2006 1:26 AM , Anonymous melody said...

...I just finished 3 of my paintings I had been working on this whole weekend!!!!! And I finished them earlier than i thought i would...It's only 1:30am!!! I am soooo HAPPY!!! Oh, hold on, I gotta prank call that idiot Taylor real quick to celebrate. Maybe I'll leave him a creepy message pretending to be this one stalker girl of his. (She is one nasty hoe lol). TTYL


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