Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Etsy Shop

Hello and hello.

I have been away for quite a while. During this time my sister, brother and I have been slowly building a business, West Coast Fiber Company, LLC. We buy alpaca fiber (see the list of the wonders of alpaca below) from our local farmers and ranchers and have it processed into beautiful, soft, hypo-allergenic yarn that we then sell to the public. We also sell stitch markers, jewelry, and soon will sell framed photographs of the beautiful Northwest.

I will try to continue to post on here periodically but I cannot guarantee it. However, you can keep up to date with our business progress and/or purchase anything from us by visiting our website at Etsy is a site featuring handmade items and commercial supplies for those handmade products. We sell both our yarn and stitch markers on this site and are more than willing to adapt any of our stitchmarkers to meet your needs and we also accept custom orders.

I know many of you have asked to see my never-ending shawl (I FINALLY FINISHED IT!) which turned out beautifully. As soon as my husband comes back with the camera from a RC drift event he's at with my brother-in-law I will post some pics of it for you. Thank you for your equally never-ending patience in seeing the final product!

I hope you are all still enjoying your knitting. My days are so full with my full-time job and trying to get the business started that knitting and reading are a welcome treat. The cool thing about starting a business in the fiber arts is that I am always working with something I love and I get the very great satisfaction of knowing I am making a quality product that people will love touching and working with as they knit/crochet.

Knit on!


Alpaca yarn is known for its

WARMTH(it is warmer than wool; it has a hollow core which makes it an excellent insulator)

SOFTNESS(it rivals cashmere; some even contest it is softer than cashmere)

HYPOALLERGENIC PROPERTIES (it has no lanolin and is not itchy like wool)





Abigail A Bruce, Owner
West Coast Fiber Company, LLC

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