Monday, March 27, 2006

Yesterday BJ and I drove to Detroit Lake (we love that place!) and while BJ fished a little, I knitted in the Jeep. Although BJ loves fishing he decided rather quickly that he had enough and wanted to roam around the area. So we walked across the Flats and I got lots of pebbles under my feet (not knowing we were going to be so adventurous I wore flip-flops). Some of where we walked was on land normally under water. (During the winter months they let the water out of the lake to avoid flooding and then come summer it is allowed to fill again and the summer recreation begins. The lake is usually full of water-skiiers, fishermen/women, ski-bisquiters, swimmers, etc. The lake is enormous and mountains surround it on all sides. It is usually quiet but for the sounds of all the fun and occasionally a truck going by on the highway across from the lake. The forest surrounding the lake is part of Willamette National Forests) I found lots of snail shells and half-dead grass. Eventually we headed back to the Jeep and the rest of the day drove up mountain roads in the area. Some of them still had snow on them and since both my husband and I love snow so much we had to drive in it and take pictures of it. I would normally have gotten out and played in it but I was knitting and BJ was having far too much fun doing 4x4 things in the snow for me to bother with stopping him. It's so cute when a grown man plays like a little boy.

And of course, my beautiful kitty! Sometimes he just watches us. This is one of those times. Not too long after I took his picture he curled up next to me while I was preparing last night's post.

This was from about a week ago. BJ was trying to take a good picture of him but he wouldn't stop getting up in the middle of the picture-taking. This is him preparing to rise. This is also what he looks like when he is chasing a laser-pointer. See the concentration on his face?

What a wonderful world!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

New UFO's

Hi. Over the weekend a lot of projects were started and follow me wherever I went begging to be worked on a little more. So, the UFO's started this week are as follows:

1) Hat to match aunt's finished poncho. I was using the leftover yarn from her poncho, ran out, found a ball in my stash of a close (please be close enough) color and I'm working one row of the old color, one of the new, for a few rows so as to deceive the eye into believing they really are the same color. I am just starting the decreases for the crown and will probably just simply gather the very top of the hat by pulling the yarn through the last few remaining stitches so as to create a little circle of stitches at the top. ( will have to upload this picture later)

2) Throw for the futon. For too long I have had a cone of a fingering weight rayon/chenille mix sitting around waiting for me to do something with it. The scarf I started a few years back with it didn't actually continue on to anything productive and since then the cone has sat dormant. Friday night I decided I wanted to actually come up with an idea for it so WALAH! a pattern (can you call simple cast on and garter stitch a pattern?) for a throw was born. This is also close to being completed considering that it is quite simple and is being knit up on size "humongous" (I have no idea as to the size; my husband found them in his parents' garage. I guess they used to be his grandma's. The largest size needle that I have other than these are size 15 and that measures 3 1/2 cm around. These Grandma needles measure 5 1/2 cm around. Wow.) so they are moving along quite quickly.
Image hosting by Photobucket

3) This inspiration to knit up what has been laying around heretofore unused evidently was meant to extend further. In my knitting basket was yarn I found in my stash that must be from the 50's at least and was with a crochet pattern for slippers. I have no idea where I got this from but I do know that in my younger years I thought that it might actually crochet up into interesting slippers. Being older and having looked at the slipper picture on the front of the pattern far too many times I realized that I can now say I distinctly know a few things at least: the pattern was hideous, the yarn's appearance was hideous, the yarn's texture was hideous, and how I thought that anything wearable could come from it is beyond me (the current me, not the past me). So, the pattern was thrown away (don't cry, just trust me. It was horrible beyond anything you can imagine.) and I left the yarn as is in my basket for a few weeks. Friday night inspiration caused me to look at the yarn with new eyes. I suddenly knew that due to it's horrible orange color and despicable texture I was never going to make it into anything that I would wear or use as an accesory. So, it suddenly occured to me that the restrictions on the yarn made it ideal for one thing: a bathroom mat. Since we have a colorful fish decorating scheme going on in the bathroom it is actually a very good use of this color. Since it will be under our feet I will not have to feel it on any other part of my body. Since I am making it from yarn I already have I will not have to buy the mat I was going to buy for the bathroom. Genius. Pure genious.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Last but not least, Tammy found the picture of the sock pattern made up in Knitpicks Sock Garden Hydrangea. It is actually a chevron pattern instead of Jaywalker and I think it actually looks pretty nice. The pattern is from Sensational Socks and Tammy, if your offer still stands, I think I would like to borrow that book from you. That would be great! Thanks for your help figuring out a pattern for this colorway!

I checked out Socks, Socks, Socks,edited by Elaine Rowley, from the library a few weeks back. I think I found a simple pattern I will use for my tomboy cousin who wants the orange socks. The pattern is called After Bertha and is written by Diane Ballerino. They are a simple spiral ribbed pattern but with no heel. I think I will add a heel to them but have the spiral rib on the cuff and foot. I think that will satisfy the requirement of a not-too-girly pattern.
Image hosting by Photobucket

And with that, I bid you Dobra Vecher (Russian for Good Night).

Friday, March 24, 2006

Jaywalker Sock Pattern Link, Toes & Heels Techniques

Tammy commented:

Oohh, I have some of that hydreanga from Knitpicks. I think I saw it made up in the Jaywalker pattern and it looked really nice.

So, I didn't remember what the Jaywalker pattern looked like though I've seen it mentioned many times in the Yahoo knitting groups. I did a little research and here's what I found:

I might try the pattern but I don't think I like that particular colorway pictured in the link. Tammy, have you made any socks in Jaywalker? If so, do you have pictures. I think I'd like to see that pattern in a different color. Of course, I suppose I could browse around on the web and find more. I'm sure a few knitters out there must have tried that pattern.

Here's also a neat site that Sock knitters will find very useful! She (Lauri) has a very thorough list of heel, toe, shaping, etc techniques for sock knitting and explanations to accompany them. I didn't have time to look at everything as closely as I would like so I will be back to visit again soon.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yarn for New Projects!

I'd like to introduce to you PUFF. She belongs to one of my bosses, Tom. Is she not completely adorable? I would love to get a pug along with our corgi (that we don't yet have...)but my husband doesn't want to "clean out their wrinkles". Hmmm... I think I could handle cleaning wrinkles so that I could welcome such a dog to our family. Guess we'll wait and see.
(NOTE: I just spoke with Tom and he says that there is no need to clean out the wrinkles for these little dogs. That tends to be needed only for the bigger wrinkly-faced dogs. He also added that Puff brings here food over to the scale, sets it down and eats it there. Smart dog, no?)
(Dog Thoughts: Not another pound! I just can't beat this thing. If only my parents would get me one of those no-exercise-needed weight loss pills. That would just make my day)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Oh yeah. As for the blue self-striping Opal sock. Yeah, forget the idea of adapting it for myself. It came close to fitting, but no cigar. So...I kissed the frog last night and re-wound the ball and tonight I'll be starting large, manly-sized, blue, hopefully attractive boot socks for BJ. I was going to make his after I finished the socks for my cousins but since I now have to wait for the yarn for their socks to arrive (I ordered them from Knitpicks yesterday - can't wait for it to arrive!!!!) I will start on hubby's socks earlier than expected. Guess it's good for him that I make silly mistakes.

Here is the color-way of the yarn I ordered for the girls socks. Remember, the older one likes orange, the younger one likes pink/purple. I think they will be happy with the colors I chose. The prices were so good! Each ball is 50g/220 yards. I bought two balls of each just to be safe so that equates to $6/pair assuming that all the yarn is used up. Good buy if you ask me.

The one on the left is Hydrangea in Sock Garden by Knitpicks and the one on the right is Zinnia in Sock Garden by Knitpicks.

I also bought yarn (also from Knitpicks) with birthday money (yay!) for a project in the Fall 2005 Vogue Knitting magazine.

Image hosting by Photobucket

My project will be a rectangular shawl with a sculpted edging. (I will post a pic of the project if I can find it online). The yarn used in the pattern is Cherry Red DK Glitz from Cherry Tree Hill but I decided to go with the Red Hat color in Gossamer (below right) and accent it every few rows with the Ruby in Butterfly Kisses (below left). The Gossamer is lace weight instead of DK but I will double-strand it while working and then just adjust the pattern to the size I want. The Butterfly Kisses is somewhat ethereal when knitted up so I think it will add just the right amount of glamour to the piece. I'm so excited for the yarn to arrive and my work to begin! You ask will I be able to concentrate on my other projects in the mean time? Oh come now! This is knitting we're talking about. I will knit to relieve the anticipation of beginning more knitting. What a vicious (delicious) cycle!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sit and Knit Thursday night at Tangles in Lake Oswego?

Regarding Christine's comment:

Christine, I would love to get together and knit. Maybe a weekend in warmer weather would be great for a picnic! I think that would be so much fun. Until then, how about this Thursday night? I am planning on being at Tangle in Lake Oswego for the "sit and knit" night. It lasts until 9:00pm. I think my sister will go also. Tammy, would you like to go too? Eva, are you in the area? If I know others are planning to go too maybe we could get coffee together beforehand. If anyone is interested leave comments and we can all arrange a plan through the comments. Yay! Fun!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wanted & Found: Man Interested in Knitting

Hi everyone! After days of trying unsuccessfully to post, here I am. I wrote an interesting, descriptive, wonderful post detailing my weekend and projects and then lo! and behold! it all disappeared in an instant when suddenly the server was nowhere to be found. Go figure.

So instead of the longer (read: long-winded) version, you'll get an abbreviated version of recent events (stop that! I hear you out there breathing sighs of relief!)

My birthday was Friday and my husband gave me the greatest gift a man could ever give (other than his heart, but I already have that): he accompanied me around the city, actually stepping into multiple yarn shops with me, and the key to it all is ( up the suspense): there was no complaining, no protest, no grunts and sounds of general boredom!!!!! He actually conveyed contentment and interest while we were in yarn heaven! Now, I know much of this wonderful behavior has to do not with a love of yarn but with the fact that he is highly interested in my next project. Now, why are most men extremely interested in a project that their wives/girlfriends/etc are knitting and the cat/dog/etc are un-knitting? Yes, precisely. It involves an item for HIM. (Now, I personally find this trait very endearing: To have my husband peer over my shoulder and ask "Are You Close to Finishing That?" or comment "Wow, You're Going Fast On That" is comforting, cute, and slightly ego-boosting (who said only men have egos?). Anyway, back to the point, the project in question that currently interests my husband is a DALE OF NORWAY sweater (exact pattern yet undecided). I showed him the Winter Olympics Team Sweater 2006 and he really liked them. To his question "Can you make one?" I responded that duh, of course I can because I am such an awesome knitter that a Dale Sweater was something I could do from my very first cast on I would love to make one for him. I also showed him the Yarn Harlot's Dale Sweater that she completed in her 16-day Olympic Knitting Sprint. He was impressed. Anyone should be. Awesome display of skill.

So, the long and short: husband accompanied wife on trip to yarn shops, made wife very happy, wife had awesome birthday. Husband very excited about difficult sweater wife will make for him, thinks wife is cool. Wife again very happy.

Now for interpretation of the pictures: I received a gift card to Yarn Garden for my birthday (Yay! More yarn!) so I trucked myself on over there that same evening I received the card and bought two balls of Opal, one in the Blue/Black shade colorway you see below and the other in the red/white colorway. I also bought the little needles you may be able to see in the pictures if you squint really hard. They are so small it is like playing with toothpicks. They are five inches long and size 1 needles. Very strange to get used to since I have so far only made socks with DK weight yarn and this Opal is sock weight/fingering. My opinion of both the yarn and needles is still in progress so I'll update you later on that.

I have just turned the heel here. I may have made it too small width-wise. Doesn't matter now, though, since I just learned that I should read my emails closer. These socks were for a 10-year-old cousin who evidently likes ORANGE and not BLUE. Yes, interesting how I mixed up those two not-so-alike colors. So as you can see, it doesn't matter that the heel is small because I am TAKING ALL THE STITCHES OUT and making a bigger pair as boot socks for my hubby.

All is not lost, though. I can show you that this yarn stretches very well in a rib (k2,p2) pattern. I was surprised at its elasticity since the yarn itself doesn't feel like it has any give. This yarn is actually turning out nicer to work with than I thought it would. I guess all those gals in the Yahoo Sockknitters groups know what they are talking about!! (Go figure.)

Here was my gallant beginning of the red pair of socks for my 7-year-old cousin using the Magic Loop Method (more one this in a later post). Turns out she doesn't like red. She likes pink or purple. I am beginning to question my reading skills or at the very least my interpretation abilities. Sheesh. Now I'm not sure what to do with this ball. "Make socks" would be a logical answer but we'll see. Who would want them? I offered them to my husband but he thought he might look like a girl. I didn't tell him that he looks like one anyway (JOKE!!).

Last but not least, my soon-to-be-felted purse. Notice there are no handles. If you were at my house you would notice there is also no washing machine. So I must 1) wait for the ball of yarn that I'm going to use for handles to finally show up at Tangle (please hurry!), and 2) felt this bag in my bathtub or trek over to the house of either parents or parents-in-law so as to make use of their machine. We'll see. Either way, I think it will turn out very well. After this is felted I will proceed to felt a HUGE knitting bag for myself with wool and stripes of novelty yarn that won't felt.

Until I rip out my projects and start over, tata! I must tutor tonight and then I will browse around for yarn for large projects looming on the horizon. Updates to come.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

So much to do, so little time!

Hi. Sorry it has taken me a while to post. Many things happened this weekend.

Friday I hung out with hubby BJ (always a good thing to do). Saturday BJ had a concert in Eugene (he plays trombone in the Beaverton Community Band) so we traveled down there and back. The band played very well and I knitted straight through so I got a bunch done on my Komi hat (see third picture below). My mother-in-law also plays in the band (flute) so my father-in-law was sitting next to me. He has trouble with staying awake at these kind of things so I was fully prepared to elbow him (would sticking him with a knitting needle be ok?) if he started to snore. He actually did remarkably well and between the loud brass instruments, half a tin of altoids, and sitting all the way forward on his seat he managed to stay awake through most of the performance. Trust me, it's an accomplishment.

Sunday I met with some awesome knitting gals. I am a member of Jeanie Townsend's Sock KnitAlong Yahoo Group and another member of that group, Tammy (Hi Tammy!) visited by blog and noticed I live in Lake Oswego. She lives in Beaverton/Aloha area which is not that far away. So, she and I started emailing and arranged a to meet and see if any other knitters wanted to come along. Of course, I recruited my awesome new-knitter sister to come with me and Tammy brought some of her friends along as well. We even had another member of Jeanie's group come down from Washington to join us! We met at Yarn Garden on Hawthorne St in SE Portland, Oregon. That is a nice little shop. Actually, I should say the coffee shop is little. Attached to the sipperie is the Yarn Garden itself, home to skeins and hanks and balls of fibre galore. You see, Melody (my sister) and I went into one room and thought "Wow, this is neat" then finished looking around and went to exit back to the yarn shop when - WAIT! - what is that I see? Another room?! So we ventured forward into uncharted territory. Oh, more glorious colors and textures! I bought a ball of Sockotta yarn in spring colors (Yes, one more project - socks for sister) and we headed back to the sipperie. But - OH MY! - another room?! Yes, it went on like this for two more rooms. It is amazing! So, all that to say, if you are in the area, you should check out Yarn Garden. It is worth the visit and has a coffee shop attached to make the whole experience perfect!

Now, before I let you see the photos of my UFO's, you must hear the following very important news: Tangle Knitting Studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon has an informal "come sit and knit" time every Sunday. I dropped in there after leaving Yarn Garden in hopes that some yarn (handle for purse in progress) I had ordered had come in. It hadn't, but there were at least 15 women sitting on couches and chairs chatting away and all knitting something different. I sat down and joined them for a while before I was so hungry I just had to leave before starting to nibble on the yarn. I hear that Yarn Shop Owners take a very dim view of such things. So, all that to say, again, if you are in the area, stop in! I am going to start going dropping in regularly for at least an hour or two at at time. Alice opens up at 12:00 on Sundays and closes at 5:30. Be there or be square! Wait, a better motto - Be there AND be square! Now that's what I'm talking about...

(By the way, I will add links to this post tomorrow so you can investigate all these wonderful places. I'm thinking that my computer is only so cooperative tonight and its good graces don't extend that far right now.)
Now on to projects:

The poncho is almost completed (finally!). Yes, this is the one I was going to have done by the end of the Knitting Olympics. Shhh...I heard that. It's not like you finished yours either! Geez! All that is left is the fringe and...

Seaming below the cuffs! See this cuff below? It seems to be cut off for some reason but maybe you can see anyway that it is not joined past the cuff. I don't like that because it seems to let drafts in. So, though the pattern doesn't call for it I am going to seam it up about 4 inches and call it done. That should leave the front loose but cut off the air flow from the side.

Here is the progress on my Komi hat. I actually completed more today during my lunch break and while waiting on my MRI at the doctor's office. I frogged it down to the light green stripe there at the bottom. The background is earth green and the foreground was brown. The pattern wasn't showing up as well as I would have liked so *rip* and start over with red! I think it will look nice with just the green background and then the contrasting pattern of red and light green (which you will see more of the closer I get to completion). So far so good!

Here's my attempt at spinning Merino. Yeah, not working out as well as the wool I was spinning before. This is a lot more slippy, but oh so soft! I'll keep trying, though, and it will just have to be considered unique hand spun yarn when I finish. I think I'll make felted slippers with it.

Cuff finished on a gold club I'm making for BJ. The argyle pattern is just starting. Blue background, Red diamond with white diagonal stripes. I'm using Wool Ease yarn on size 6 dpns.

Well, that's all for now. Time for a warm, cozy bed and a long, refreshing sleep.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Winter's Torment

Well, well, well! Snow in Portland! This is a rarity on two levels. One, if we get snow here at all in winter it means global warming must have had vacation days coming. We do not often get snow. Second, if we get snow here more than one time in one winter it means that yes, in fact, hell did freeze over. That being said, we have snow here for the second (third if you count yesterday's and today's snow as two different bouts) time this year. What is going on?! But wait, we were told that it would snow 4 inches overnight. When I woke up this morning did I see 4 inches? Did I see even 2 inches? Did I see ONE INCH?! No. No I did not. And I do not like my emotions to be played with this way. So...

With all this wonderful, wearing, winter activity outside I have been inspired to grace your sensitivities with a poem written just for you. Please, sit back and enjoy. I am sure that by the end you will be privileged to be one of the few who chose to visit this site today!

Winter's Torment

Oh Winter, why do you play with my heart thus?
Every year I wait
and wait
for the leaves to fall, the sun to hide, and the heat to flee.

With greedy eyes I watch for large, white flakes to cascade from the sky.
But though you humor me with
bare trees,
dark nights,
cold feet,
you do nothing to warm my heart with those flakes.

Those watery, icy flakes.
Those wintery white frozen flakes.
Those more-precious-than-gold flakes.


If there were anything I could do to persuade you to unlatch that door
behind which I know all that white goodness lies...
If there were any way I could touch your soul so deeply that you would pour on my head bountiful blizzards of beauty...
If there were any way I could convince you that it really is a good idea for the earth to be covered in white 11 months per year...

Then my heart would be whole,
My gratitude immeasurable,
My love pure.

My cat would purr,
My husband would play,
My heart would burst.

All would be well.

But as it stands
it is clear that this year you will not find favor with me.

So I will knit
and rags to dry my tears
to soothe my heart and keep hope alive

that next year you would love me
and shower me with


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ken & Julie's Wedding Pictures!

We finally get to see pictures of Julie's wedding! Isn't she beautiful? I might add that her groom is not too bad. (Ken, if you are reading this, "not too bad" should be read as "striking".) This picture was taken before the wedding.
The picture below was taken during the ceremony (no one likes anything more than stating the obvious, right?!)
Below they are giving us an idea of how they will be feeding each other in old age. I can just see it now:
Come on, honey, hold still...I can't quite get that piece in...See, now it's all over your face...Oh, now it's on my face too...well, guess it's going to have to stay there...neither one of us can bend over to reach that's ok, we'll get it off tomorrow in our bath...
Below you can see friends of the bride and groom. However, the pic below portrays more than just how well they can pick their friends. Yes, it is true...this picture documents beyond any shadow of a doubt that the man with whom I chose to live my life is not quite "all there", if you know what I mean...yes, he is the one in the yellow and black fleece. I am the one smiling knowingly next to him. Let me just assure you that I have approximately 3 pictures of him out of our 7+ years together in which he is not making some strange face...yes, our children will be interesting, that's for sure. Here is another friend, Micky, with daughter Claire who is 5 (?) months old. Isn't she adorable? Kids like these are what cause my slowly ticking clock to speed up a bit...
So there you are. Pics of the great couple and their (of course) great friends. Tune in tomorrow for more interesting news from the world of Mrs BJ (ooh, ooh, that's me!).

Monday, March 06, 2006

Poncho Progress

This first frame is of the poncho I am currently working on and hope to have completed by Saturday. The second frame is the detail of the center cable pattern. I love the color and the pattern was very fun to work. This is actually a Mary Maxim kit my aunt bought. It came with needles, acrylic yarn and the pattern. If I were to have just made it from the pattern without the presupplied yarn I would have chosen a softer yarn like Cashsoft DK or one of the KnitPicks yarns. In this case, though, I had no choice and I think it will be ok anyway. The pattern turned out nice, the material seems like it will be warm, and with a little wash before I give it to her the stiffness should go away. I do admire the cable pattern so I think I will duplicate it on the hat and mittens I plan on making to accompany this. We'll see. Maybe I'll try this pattern out on something else and use my choice of yarn. Fun!

By the way, thank you Christine for your comment! I am so glad to know you enjoy reading my blog! Now I know I have at least two readers! Eva, my sister put a comment under the Komi Hat post regarding Brendan, her possible hook-up. The saga continues...

Have a great night everyone!


Image hosting by Photobucket
Is this not the cutest little doggie you have ever seen? BJ and I want to get a Corgi but we have to wait just a little bit longer. Corgi's are supposed to be very good with children (mark that down for future reference) and are very intelligent and affectionate. This dog is named Winston according to Autumn. I don't know if he is her dog or someone else's but he is adorable!

My Komi Hat in Progress

Here is the beginning of my Komi hat. I actually did a lot more last night while hubby and I were at his parents house for dinner and to do laundry (we don't yet have a washer and dryer in our new house...very inconvenient but then it does provide time with the families so it works out anyway.) I'll try to replace this picture with one of the more completed hat later on tonight. Hopefully I can also get the poncho pictures up. I have almost finished one cuff and have the second cuff and the fringe to go and then I will be DONE! My Aunt keeps getting more and more excited about it and I think to top it off for her I'll make a hat and mittens and socks to match. She says she thinks she will like it so much that she may just live in it! Well, that's ok with me...that could be considered proper recognition of the labor and love put in the gift!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Husband's Komi Hat

I think I finally got this to work. At the advice of Eva I uploaded pics to and then copied the HTML from there to here. I hope you can see this picture. It is the Komi Russian hat I made for my husband. I am in the process of making one for myself now as well and will have pictures of that here soon as well. Let's see if this works first before I get too ambitious, try to post all my pics of projects and then crash the whole site! Talk to you tomorrow!

Best Cornbread Ever!

Good morning! In lieu of being able to show you any knitting pics (still having problems uploading) I will give you the best cornbread recipe ever. My sister loves it and thought I should share it here. Sometimes I make it as written, other times I add chile peppers and adobo sauce and maybe corn. Any way it's fixed it's marvelous - sweet taste, great texture. I love serving it warm with butter on top and inside...mmm...Let me know what you think if you try it!

Prep: 10 minutes, Bake: 25 minutes, 6 servings


1 cup milk
1/4 cup butter, melted
1 large egg
1 1/4 cups yellow, white or blue cornmeal
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

1. Heat oven to 400. Grease bottom and side of round pan, 9x1 1/2 inches, or square pan, 8x8x2.
2. Beat milk, butter and egg in large bowl with hand beater or wire whisk. Stir in remaining ingredients all at once just until flour is moistened (batter will be lumpy). Pour into pan.
3. Back 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown and toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Serve warm if desired.

(taken from Betty Crocker's Cook Book (newest edition, "Big Red"), p.62)

Friday, March 03, 2006

My Kitty on LSD??!!

Hi. I was told a crazy theory which you may just think is true if you have a crazy cat like mine! Please read it and tell me what you think. Could this be true? It sounds like a grand idea someone made up but Eva says those who told her this "fact" claim its validity. My husband is doing "research" on this now (and I will post his highly academic results) but in the meantime I'd love to get your thoughts on this.

Eva wrote at 3/03/2006 11:26 AM in a comment to the post Welcome to My World:
"About your pretty kittykat... you do know that cats naturally produce LSD in their brains and when they produce too much they get a bout of "madness" don't ya?? At least that's what my friend, who's got 5 cats told me when I was staying with her last year. I don't have pets so when one her cats started racing around the house like possessed it would freak me out. She told me it is normal... it is the LSD!!!"

Could it possibly be true? Of course, my husband's follow-up theory is that if this is true people will soon start picking the brains of cats to get this LSD...hmmm...not a pretty thought.

Knuckles, oh kitty kitty, where are you....?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Problems Uploading Pics

Unfortunately I am having trouble uploading the pictures tonight. I need to go to bed now so I will try this again in the morning or after work in the evening. To everyone...I bid you you and you and long, farewell.

Pictures of knitting projects both in-progress and finished will be posted tonight. Until then, enjoy meeting my family...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Welcome to My World!

Here is a picture of my husband, BJ, and kitty, Knuckles. BJ is probably watching his favorite show of all time (lately), Stargate SG1. As you can see, our kitty appears to be a lap kitty. The truth is he is only half that. This cat is highly affectionate while at the same time being highly obnoxious. As I was communicating that fact my husband was playing with Knuckles and suddenly the cat jumped up and smashed his head on the corner of a table nearby. This leads me to my next point. Knuckles likes to jump (often at things that he "sees" but we don't. That could mean either he is a higher sort of sentient being (bleedover from too much Stargate) or he's insane. We lean toward the latter.

This is yours truly and the crazy kitty posing for a picture for Daddy. You can see that he is not leaning toward the highly affectionate side of his personality at this point. In fact, I think I distinctly felt "Are you done now?" vaguely communicated to my brain from his general direction. Hmm...a kitty higher being? Maybe...Actually, he did insist on my getting up this morning while I was trying very hard to ignore my alarm clock. It's hard to continue stealing sleep when your cat sits at the bedroom door staring at you and meowing at the top of his lungs. I knew it wasn't hunger that he was trying to communicate because if that were the case he would have bitten my leg (yes, that would be the obnoxious side).
Below you can see my handsome hubby with his feet kicked up but no kitty in sight. You do, however, see the hat I knitted for him resting there on the ottoman. I have a close-up of that somewhere down below. In addition, those store-bought socks will soon be replaced by homemade knitted socks. The first pair will be boot socks made from WoolEase. They will be maroon and navy blue and white stripes on the cuff. This will match a sweater I am in the process of making for him. It was started before our wedding but yeah, sometimes people gain weight after they get married so...I need to knit strips to add to the inside seam between front and back. Then it will FINALLY be done. The golf club cover in progress (working on it right now) are the same colors with an argyle pattern on the head.

Another picture of husband and kitty...

and one of kitty alone being very cute.
(Do you notice the glowing eyes too?)