Friday, March 10, 2006

Winter's Torment

Well, well, well! Snow in Portland! This is a rarity on two levels. One, if we get snow here at all in winter it means global warming must have had vacation days coming. We do not often get snow. Second, if we get snow here more than one time in one winter it means that yes, in fact, hell did freeze over. That being said, we have snow here for the second (third if you count yesterday's and today's snow as two different bouts) time this year. What is going on?! But wait, we were told that it would snow 4 inches overnight. When I woke up this morning did I see 4 inches? Did I see even 2 inches? Did I see ONE INCH?! No. No I did not. And I do not like my emotions to be played with this way. So...

With all this wonderful, wearing, winter activity outside I have been inspired to grace your sensitivities with a poem written just for you. Please, sit back and enjoy. I am sure that by the end you will be privileged to be one of the few who chose to visit this site today!

Winter's Torment

Oh Winter, why do you play with my heart thus?
Every year I wait
and wait
for the leaves to fall, the sun to hide, and the heat to flee.

With greedy eyes I watch for large, white flakes to cascade from the sky.
But though you humor me with
bare trees,
dark nights,
cold feet,
you do nothing to warm my heart with those flakes.

Those watery, icy flakes.
Those wintery white frozen flakes.
Those more-precious-than-gold flakes.


If there were anything I could do to persuade you to unlatch that door
behind which I know all that white goodness lies...
If there were any way I could touch your soul so deeply that you would pour on my head bountiful blizzards of beauty...
If there were any way I could convince you that it really is a good idea for the earth to be covered in white 11 months per year...

Then my heart would be whole,
My gratitude immeasurable,
My love pure.

My cat would purr,
My husband would play,
My heart would burst.

All would be well.

But as it stands
it is clear that this year you will not find favor with me.

So I will knit
and rags to dry my tears
to soothe my heart and keep hope alive

that next year you would love me
and shower me with



At 3/14/2006 8:50 AM , Blogger Jenni said...

Just for the record, my boss got 4 inches of snow. He lives near Sylvan. He had to shovel to get to work. I, however, in NE Portland near Vancouver, didn't get so much as one flake!


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